Torchlight II Receives Co-Op; Extended Content

on June 17, 2011 4:30 PM

Although the original Torchlight was not doubt one of the best dungeon crawlers of the modern era, given that many of the staff worked on the Mythos team, a team devoted to the development of probably the most respected dungeon crawler, that game being Diablo II.

I completed the original Torchlight in my freshman year of college, spending long hours until 5am and waking up barely in time for class at 11am the next day. But one feature myself and many other fans thought was lacking was a solid, or any sort of, co-op experience.

Well, Runic Games listened and besides for implementing co-op, as a start for heading toward development of the inevitable TorchlightMMO project, they have also expanded the universe beyond the town of Torchlight, created new character classes, developed three new regions and implemented day and night cycles and weather effects.

Reportedly, the game is to feature three acts, with each act individually being longer than the whole of the previous game. That’s a helluva lot of content, and will certainty hold over all you Diablo III fans until its release.

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