Torterra Weakness Pokemon GO - Raid Guide and Best Counters March 2021

Here's how to take down Torterra in Pokemon GO Raids.

The Season of Legends is now starting to roll out around the world. Pokemon GO’s second official Season, after the Season of Celebration, is ushering in a range of changes. There will be different Pokemon roaming the wild, a range of new research tasks and most importantly, a shakeup in the raid bosses. While early reports are still coming in regarding the Pokemon in raids, one we can be certain of is Torterra. While this Pokemon has been featured in raids before, new Mega Evolutions and moves are being released regularly, and therefore the meta often changes. With that in mind, let’s see if Torterra has any Weakness in Pokemon GO and look at the best counters to take it down.

Torterra Weakness Pokemon GO

Torterra has a dual Ground and Grass-typing. This leaves it with four weaknesses to exploit. Its typing means that it has a 4x weakness to Ice as well as 2x weaknesses to Bug, Fire and Flying-type moves. There is certainly a good range of Pokemon to take down Torterra in Pokemon GO, but what are they?

Best Counters For Torterra

There is a good range of counters to Torterra in Pokemon GO, let’s take a look at them.

If you’re looking to bring a Mega Pokemon to the battle, look no further than Mega Abomasnow.

In terms of standard Pokemon, you’re going to want to look no further than the Ice-types to take full advantage of the 4x weakness. Galarian Darmanitan is probably the best pick here, closely followed by MamoswineWeavile, Glaceon and Jynx are three more strong counters to take down Torterra, and you should have plenty of candy for these by this point. Mewtwo is the final Pokemon you’re going to want to consider here.

Mega Abomasnow – Powder Snow/Weather Ball
Galarian Darmanitan – Ice Fang/Avalanche

Mamoswine – Powder Snow/Avalanche
Weavile – Ice Shard/Avalanche
Glaceon – Frost Breath/Avalanche
Jynx – Frost Breath/Avalanche
Mewtwo – Psycho Cut/Blizzard

March 2021 Raid Bosses

Torterra falls into the Three-Star Raid category and will be joined by Donphan, Gligar, Glalie and Whiscash in that category this month. You can check out the full list of raid bosses right here.

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