Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi Discusses What If He Collaborated with Hideo Kojima

Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi Discusses What If He Collaborated with Hideo Kojima

Toshihiro Nagoshi shared Yakuza 7, Shin Sakura Taisen development stories and how he was not fascinated with games but with cooking as a kid.

September 2019’s SegaNama stream was broadcast on September 24. If you don’t know about SegaNama, they’re live streams featuring Sega’s Chief Creative Officer Toshihiro Nagoshi and coolest MC Ayana Tsubaki. They recap the latest info on the biggest upcoming Sega games, sometimes reveal new info, and Nagoshi shares comments on multiple subjects.


This month’s stream, Nagoshi first chatted about how multiple Sega games won a Future Division award at TGS 2019: Persona 5 Royal, Yakuza 7, and Shin Sakura Taisen. He mentioned how he’s even more happy about Shin Sakura Taisen winning than Yakuza 7, as it shows Sega’s efforts with the revival are recognized.

Continuing on, Nagoshi most notably talked about what was happening with Sakura Taisen at Sega, pre-2016. As you should know if you’ve read our coverage, Shin Sakura Taisen‘s staff mentioned multiple times how concrete plans for the game started in 2016. That was when the franchise won 1st place in the popularity fan poll of Sega Fes 2016. Nagoshi mentioned that since it’s such a popular and iconic franchise, talks to revive it at Sega never really died down. Series Producer Terada also mentioned at TGS 2019. he constantly pitched new Sakura Taisen games over the years.

Nagoshi mentioned how they thought about many things pre 2016, and with no taboos, like whether to ask series creator Hiroi Oji to take part in a new game or not. They pondered a lot about who to hire for the story, etc. In the end, these talks always ended with the decision to keep the series dormant though. Until 2016.


In summary, Nagoshi also spoke about how they tried to not only make Shin Sakura Taisen for both fans and people who don’t know the series, they also developed the game with fans/veterans developers of the series and newcomers. That way they could decide what really characterizes the series together, and what is the best path for its revival. Commenting again on how he decided to make it an action game, Nagoshi mentioned that he believes there actually aren’t that many old fans who won’t play Shin Sakura Taisen simply because it’s not a tactical RPG anymore.

Next, Toshihiro Nagoshi gave a small development update on Yakuza 7. He mentioned how he assisted to all of the game’s recordings, as always, but this time he didn’t act as a sound director, besides giving a few directions. He mentioned how the last time he handled sound direction was when working on Judgment.

Next were a few more corners I won’t be writing about as it’s nothing relevant. One thing interesting though is Nagoshi mentioning he usually doesn’t find funny jokes or Manzai themed around games, and how it’s the same for a lot of developers. He said it’s like “serving ramen to a ramen shop owner”.

Lastly, we reached the final part of SegaNama, the “Ask Nagoshi anything” corner.

Since Dragon Quest had a huge influence on Yakuza 7‘s protagonist Ichiban when he was in grade school, someone asked what games marked Nagoshi in that period of his life. He answered he actually didn’t have any games back then, and his generation was the type to play outside. Moreover, rather than games, the thing that really fascinated him back then was cooking. How a slight change in ingredients and seasoning can lead to completely different results is obvious when said, but it fascinated him back then. He’d help with the cooking too and he remembers liking cooking over making plastic models.

Next is probably the reason why most people clicked on this article, not realizing I’d end up summarizing the whole stream first (like I always do). Death Stranding was also among the games who won a Future Division award at TGS 2019. Hideo Kojima once appeared as a guest on SegaNama too. Back then, Nagoshi and Kojima said it’d be nice if they did something together one day. As such, someone asked if this ends up happening, what kind of game would they make.

Nagoshi answered that thinking about it now, they kinda just said that without thinking about the consequences back then. He added that Kojima and himself would chat a lot about who does what on the project. Because they’re both the type of developers who want to be involved in every aspect of their games. As such, Nagoshi said that if they ever do something together, they’d just give up on making a game and do a completely different collaboration project. He jokingly said they would probably end up cooking and would start a cooking tv show with Kojima.

The last question was someone asking advice on how to broaden their tastes when it comes to games. They mentioned they don’t get why fighting games are popular, for example. Nagoshi answered in summary that it’s fine to just keep doing what you like, and become an otaku of that thing.

Shin Sakura Taisen launches on PS4 on December 12 in Japan and Spring 2020 in the west.

Persona 5 Royal launches on PS4 on October 31 in Japan and Spring 2020 in the west.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon launches on January 16 in Japan on PS4 and 2020 in the west.

Kojima’s next game Death Stranding launches on PS4 on November 8. You can grab it on Amazon. to support DualShockers. I’m pretty much one of the few people out there actually watching streams like these from beginning to end and extensively covering them.

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