Total Metal Gear Sales Reach 31.1 Million Units

on March 17, 2012 4:19 PM

Konami, in response to the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s decision to include Metal Gear Solid and MGS: Sons of Liberty in their six month “The Art of Video Games Exhibit,” posted an appreciative note on their webpage in which they (perhaps unnecessarily) reintroduce the game’s plot, celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary — and announces that as of December 2011, the Metal Gear franchise has reached a lofty 31.1 million units sold.

To put this in perspective, the immensely successful Final Fantasy series has sold just over a hundred million units — but the RPG franchise has fourteen numbered installments and almost as many spinoffs and sequels, not to mention a host of re-releases and cross-platform ports. Metal Gear, with six numbered installments, an equal number of handheld counterparts, and a few expanded editions and HD remixes, has roughly a third of the total number of titles for sale — and has sold roughly a third as many units. Though its legacy may not be as storied and expansive as that of Final Fantasy, Metal Gear is most certainly pulling its weight.

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