Total Recoil: Call of Duty Meets Metal Slug on the PS Vita

Total Recoil: Call of Duty Meets Metal Slug on the PS Vita

According to creative director Simon Credland of Eiconic Games (via the PlayStation Blog), their new Vita game, Total Recoil, is an envisioning of old-school arcade shoot-em-ups through the lens of modern games like Call of Duty. As he puts it:

It all started when I was ‘busy’ (with my feet up) playing Call of Duty on PS3, thinking to myself ‘These shoot-em-ups have come a long way since the old arcade games.’ So this started me wondering how a modern game would look on an arcade cabinet. It would be top-down, the characters would have large heads, there would be wave after wave of baddies with flamethrowers, huge tanks and attack copters – and this is what you get with Total Recoil.

Total Recoil also only has two rules, according to Credland:

  • Shoot everything that moves!
  • Shoot everything that doesn’t!

Total Recoil is a twin-stick shooter, with the left analog being used for movement, and the right to shoot and strafe. The touch screens will also be used: when firing a missile, players will trace its path across the screen using the rear touch pad; when ordering an air attack after a killstreak bonus, players will pilot their planes using the front touch screen. Players will have a variety of guns to choose from, like laser-sighted assault rifles, chainguns, flamethrowers, hornet cannons, grenade launcher, missile launchers, tesla guns and more.

It should also be mentioned the game has Tom Clarke Hill as one of its voiceover talents, who has also voiced characters in video games like Sniper Elite V2, Deponia, Renegade Ops, the Driver series, the Timesplitters, the Killzone series, and more.

Check out the screenshots and trailer below for a closer look at the game.