Total War: Attila Announced at EGX

Total War: Attila Announced at EGX

We might not be getting Total War: Medieval III or Total War: Warhammer, but it certainly looks like we are getting a new barbaric entry in the Total War series by exploring Attila the Hun.

Sega and Creative Assembly announced today Total War: Attila, the next installment in the award-winning Total War strategy game series. This new chapter keeps players in Rome and compliments the series last game, Total War: Rome II, with an entry named after a historic figure much like how Napoleon: Total War complimented Empire: Total War.

This setting sees a dying and divided Roman empire where famine, disease and war ravage the land. Desperate barbaric tribes rally against you and the vast terror of Attila the Hun gathers his strength in the steppes of Scythia, ready to descend upon you and wipe away your civilization.

It’s a darker, more depressing Total War, leaning toward a more survival strategy scenario where you must consider the looming threat of Attila the Hun and try to best prepare for his coming. Will you be overrun by him or divert him onto other parts of the empire in an attempt to save yourself? It opens up some interesting concepts to play with rather than the average expand, exploit, explore and exterminate task that most grand strategy games focus on.

With Total War: Attila we will create a Total War game that will challenge and enthrall fans of the series,

said Janos Gaspar, project lead on Total War: Attila in an official statement.

We’re reintroducing some features that fans have been asking for, such as family trees and skill trees, and improving many of the core aspects of Total War we know are important to them. But to really bring the period to life, we’re building on these foundations with many new strategic features for them to consider, such as advanced street-fighting, civilians, complete settlement destruction and dynamic fire that can rage across a city as armies clash. We want to push players to the limits of their skill to survive against the odds, and to love every minute of it.

Total War: Attila will be storming PC and Mac February 2015 and we’ll bring you more details as we learn them. As part of the announcement, you can try out Total War: Rome II for free this weekend on Steam, with most of the games in the series on sale as well.