Total War: Attila – Empires of Sand Culture Pack Trailer Highlights Differences Between New Factions

on September 13, 2015 11:58 AM

The Empire of Sands Culture Pack for Total War: Attila recently went up for pre-purchase on Steam, and now you can view all the little faction details the expansion will bring. The main features are three new playable armies: Aksum, Himyar, and Tanukhids. Each army comes with unique units that can be locked off depending on which religion you decide to pursue. New campaign, horde, and religion features are also being added with the release of Empire of Sands on September 15, 2015.

Aksum are located onĀ the coast of Africa and are known for their trade routes and spice economy. Himyar adapt to live in the arid desert, including the innovative Ma’rib Damn which allows for an agricultural boosts and must be maintained. Units for Himyar are also more defensive oriented with their unit composition. Meanwhile the Tanukhids are more the wandering type, with a hyper aggressive playstyle. The longer Tanukhid units stay on the field, the more volunteers they gather for their rebellion, and slowly they spread like an infection across the map.

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