Total War: Medieval II, Napoleon, and Empire Definitive Editions Released on Steam Today

Total War: Medieval II, Napoleon, and Empire Definitive Editions Released on Steam Today

Total War: Medieval II, Total War: Empire, and Napoleon: Total War all received the Definitive Edition free upgrade treatment on PC today.

SEGA and Creative Assembly’s Total War series is one with a storied history across seventeen games, eighteen if you count next year’s Total War: Three Kingdoms. All of the games are available on Steam, though many of them still require the base game and DLC to be purchased separately. That finally changed today, as three older titles have been updated with Definitive Editions and released today.

The three titles in question are Napoleon: Total War, Total War: Medieval II, and Total War: Empire. The base versions of these titles have been replaced with Definitive Editions that add all released DLC and expansions for the games. Fortunately, those of us who already purchased the games on Steam don’t have to worry either as all existing users on Steam will get their games updated for free starting today.

If you’ve ever wanted to play any of these titles, all three games now seem more enticing than ever. That being said, some of you may not know much about these three Total War titles, so I’ll describe them all in a bit more detail.

Total War: Medieval II first released in 2006, and release just two years after the original. As its title suggest, the game takes place during medieval times and was quite impressive at the time of release as up to 10,000 troops could be displayed on screen at one time. It’s now included expansion Kingdoms added several new maps from around the world for players to explore.

Total War: Empire released afterwards in 2009 to critical acclaim. The game is set during Age of Enlightenment in the 18th Century, and introduced several new weapons, UI improvements, and systems to the series in addition to the all-new naval battles. Its DLC and expansions add several new Native American factions, campaigns, and some elite units.

Napoleon: Total War was the last of the three titles to release, coming to PC in 2010. The game follows the story of the titular historical figure, allowing players to control him or work against him. Its DLC and expansions add a ton of new units and weapons to use, so it’s the title that likely benefited most from the Definitive Edition treatment.

You can check out a trailer highlighting these Definitive Editions below. Total War: Medieval II – Definitive Edition, Napoleon: Total War – Definitive Edition, and Total War: Empire – Definitive Edition are all now available on Steam.