Total War: Rome II Gets Its Gaul Faction: the Arverni

Total War: Rome II Gets Its Gaul Faction: the Arverni

Today The Creative Assembly officially announced the fifth playable faction that will make its appearance in Total War: Rome II: the Arverni.

Their proper name may or may not ring a bell, depending on your familiarity with history, but they’re definitely a lot more well known and historically relevant than the British tribe announced last week (the Iceni). They were, in fact, the Gaul tribe that, under the leadership of Vercingetorix, formed the forefront of the united forces that opposed to Julius Caesar at the end of the Gallic Wars.

Here’s their official description:

Descended from a long line of Celts, the warlike Arverni are one of the most powerful tribes of central Gaul. Far more than mere barbarian looters and raiders, they have a complex and sophisticated culture centred at Nemossos, their stronghold near the Gergovia plateau.

In game the Arverny will depend heavily on the use of infantry and in the effect of initial charge by shock troops like the Oathsworn and the Spear Nobles. Partly governed by their druids, religion also plays an important part in their culture and development, just like the ability of their craftsmen and their knowledge of goldmsithing.

Their cavalry will benefit from natural Gallic horsemanship and from diplomatic bonuses with the other barbarian tribe thanks to the charisma of their leaders.