Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Trailers Flaunt Gaelic Kingdom

Creative Assembly and Sega give a glimpse of the Gaelic Kingdom Mide in Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia with new cinematic trailer and let's play video.

The newest cinematic trailer has been revealed for Sega and Creative Assembly’s Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia flaunting the Gaelic Kingdom of Mide and its King, Flann Sinna.

In the trailer, a runner found lying in the snow reports to his faction about the destructive nature of Mide and King Sinna; he also explains that they were “not alone” as the opposing Kingdom has made an alliance with a Viking faction exemplifying some of the choices you will make as you play the game.

Additionally, an eight-minute video featuring Mide shows just how the Gaelic Kingdom will play. In it, the player is aiming to complete a “Short Kingdom Victory” condition in which he must rule over 5 or more vassals, as well as gain full control over Mide. The video illustrates some of the basics of the game, the nuances of the Gaelic Kingdom, and the choices you will have to make to achieve your objective.

Last July, Creative Assembly and SEGA announced its Total War Saga project, a spin-off series that will be based on specific historical moments and help fill the gap between the series’ bigger releases.

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia releases for PC on April 19th, 2018. Those who pre-order the upcoming game will receive a 10% discount.

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