Total War Saga: Troy Incoming, According to Recent Trademark Filing

Total War Saga might be getting a brand new installment called Troy, according to a recent trademark filing from developer Creative Assembly.

  • Total War Saga fans may have some great news to rejoice. On the dedicated subreddit, user zhxws linked to a recent trademark filing from the UK’s Intellectual Property Office website for a brand new title. Total War Saga: Troy is the name of the possible game, and the trademark is owned by developer The Creative Assembly:

While there are naturally no details out about Troy at this time (since Sega hasn’t officially announced it yet), the Bronze Age ancient Greek setting would be an interesting backdrop to some unique playable factions, as well as foster exciting campaign battles.

Easily the best part of this news has been the slew of comments poking fun at how famous fictional figures such as Achilles would be represented in the game. For instance, OrkfaellerX wrote:


+80% physical resistance

-200% missle resistance

Total War Saga titles are similar to the mainline strategy games, but focused on a particular time period as opposed to an era. The first title in the spinoff franchise, Thrones of Britannia, came out in May 2018.

As far as the main series goes, the most recent one is Three Kingdoms which has been suffering from a series of delays after its initial reveal back in January 2018, until it finally released in May of this year.

Total War: Three Kingdoms‘ previous trailer focused on Romance of the Three Kingdom‘s most famous strategist Zhuge Liang. Its latest trailer showcased how a campaign could shift in its midgame. DualShockers also spoke with Creative Assembly on what’s different in Total War: Three Kingdoms compared to past Total War games.

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