Total War: Three Kingdoms’ Campaign Map Takes Center Stage in New Trailer

Total War: Three Kingdoms’ Campaign Map Takes Center Stage in New Trailer

Get your first glimpse at Sun Jian and Total War: Three Kingdoms' campaign map in the PC game's newest trailer

Creative Assembly and SEGA will be releasing Total War: Three Kingdoms next Spring, but so far we’ve really only seen how the basic battle mechanics will work. That changed today though, as the developers have finally unveiled the game’s massive campaign map in a new trailer.

This trailer also heavily focuses on warlord Sun Jian, one of Total War: Three Kingdoms’ playable generals. Also known as The Tiger of Jiangdong, he believes that he is destined to rule China as he found an ancient artifact called the Imperial Seal. He established the Sun Wu Kingdom with his family, and players will follow his escapades from there in the game.


Asia is a very vibrant continent, and Total War: Three Kingdoms’ map seems to reflect that. In the trailer we luscious forests, long rivers, tall mountains, and more. As usual, larger than life characters that represent the player and their enemies populate this maps. Players can also build their own settlements on the map to bolster their presence.

You can check out the new trailer featuring Sun Jian and the campaign map below. Total War: Three Kingdoms will be released exclusively for PC in Spring 2019. For more on Total War: Three Kingdoms, you can check out DualShockers’ E3 2018 preview and interview with the game’s Senior Designer and Art Director