Total War: Three Kingdoms Latest Gameplay Details Mid Game

Total War: Three Kingdoms Latest Gameplay Details Mid Game

Total War: Three Kingdoms' new gameplay video shows us what a campaign run in full bloom looks like.

Creative Assembly and Sega published a new gameplay video of Total War: Three Kingdoms, exposing how a campaign can shift in its midgame. The video shows a campaign run currently in its 103rd turn, with the Three Kingdoms in full clash. While the video is over 8 minutes long, all cutscenes are skipped to avoid spoilers and focus on the gameplay. You can find the video below.

Total War: Three Kingdomsprevious trailer focused on Romance of the Three Kingdom‘s most famous strategist Zhuge Liang. DualShockers also spoke with Creative Assembly on what’s different in Total War: Three Kingdoms compared to past Total War games.


Total War: Three Kingdoms suffered from multiple delays after it was first announced in January 2018. The game is Total War‘s first foray into the Three Kingdoms lore, after focusing on European and Japanese history. The game is finally coming on PC this May, the 23rd. The Yellow Turban Rebellion DLC will launch at the same time.

It’ll be exciting to see if Creative Assembly manages to set Total War: Three Kingdoms as a viable alternative to Koei Tecmo’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The series has been reigning as emperor of strategy games featuring cool old Chinese men since 1985.

Total War: Three Kingdoms can currently be pre-ordered on Humble Bundle. More gameplay will sporadically be streamed on the game’s Twitch channel until release.

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