Total War: Warhammer II’s New Tomb Kings Faction Gets Videos Featuring Units and Campaign

Total War: Warhammer II’s New Tomb Kings Faction Gets Videos Featuring Units and Campaign

Total War: Warhammer II is soon getting the new Rise of the Tomb Kings expansion, and Creative assembly shows it off with new videos.

Today and across the past few days, Creative Assembly and Sega have been released a few videos showcasing the most relevant units of the new faction for the Total War: Warhammer II expansion Rise of the Tomb Kings.

Today’s video focuses on the serpent constructs, including the Necropolis Knights and Sepulchral Stormers. We also get another on the Necrosphynx and the Khemrian War Sphynx, and one on the Hierotitan and Tomb Scorpion.

Another video focuses on campaign tactics for the faction, which are definitely different from all we have seen before.

In other Total War: Warhammer II news, the full patch notes for the expansion’s update have also been released, and they come with a giant amount of changes to improve both the Eye of the Vortex campaign and Mortal Empires. Most notably, Bretonnia is getting an unexpected but much welcome set of changes to its legendary lords, tech tree, and units.

Another welcome change, at least personally, is a nerf to the prominence of the AI controlled dwarfs in the Mortal Empires campaign. It was kind of unsettling to see the whole south of the world conquered by stunties. Norscan factions also seem to have been reigned in so the north of the map won’t quickly become a scorched wasteland with no fun allowed.

I’m still left wondering how these obvious issues managed to pass playtesting, but it’s good to see them addressed.

You can check out the videos below, and if you want to see more, you can also watch the initial cinematic trailer. If you’re more interested in the historical Total War games, you can also enjoy the announcement video of the upcoming Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Total War: Warhammer II is currently available exclusively for PC. The Rise of the Tomb Kings expansion launches on January 23rd.