Total World War Announced, Trailer Shows Advance Wars Style Gameplay

Total World War Announced, Trailer Shows Advance Wars Style Gameplay

Total World War looks incredibly similar to Advance Wars.

Zero Games Studios has revealed a new turn-based strategy title, Total World War that is planned to launch later this year on Nintendo Switch and PC. A trailer made its debut today which you can watch below. The setting appears to be set in the modern era and features real political figures, just under different names.

Total World War is to allow up to 4 players to take to an isometric battleground with players being allowed to move across various hexagonal tiles. Players will also engage in combat with enemy forces which has the screen transition into a side shot of the forces engaging in combat in an Advance Wars style. That makes sense considering the game has apparently been loosely based on the title.

The game appears to be loaded with humor and Total World War seems to poke fun at political leaders while also giving each one their own campaign. The turn-based system offers deep gameplay but is also said to be accessible to beginners and leaves many possible strategies open to win the round.

You’ll also see dynamic weather such as clear skies, rain, fog, snow, and storms, and this will occur across over 50 unique maps as well as offering over 50 different unit models. For example, you can expect to see a Chinese C69-2 Light Tank, Russian scouting vehicle’s, the American M19 Magus, and more.

Combos are also a feature and each army has their own special weapons. The below trailer shows off Donny launching a “Fat Man” which essentially appears to be a devastating weapon of mass destruction. Graphically it does look rather simple, but I for one think Zero Games Studios has nailed the Advance Wars style as it appears to have intended to have done.

The multiplayer mode doesn’t seem to be specified to be local or online multiplayer, but as the game is still in development more details are more than likely going to be revealed at a later date. This isn’t the first title to take on the style of Advance Wars as we’ve previously seen Tiny Metal and Wargroove, so it’s nice to see the style hasn’t died.

Total World War is planned to launch towards the end of this year for Nintendo Switch and PC.