Totalitarian Dystopian Simulation “Beholder” Launching November 9th on PC

Totalitarian Dystopian Simulation “Beholder” Launching November 9th on PC

Today, publisher Alawar Entertainment and developer Warm Lamp Games announced that its dystopian simulator Beholder is set to launch for PC on November 9th. Additionally, a new trailer was released.

Inspired heavily by George Orwell’s groundbreaking 1984 the philosophical narrative of Beholder, opens up questions around issues of social and moral values, as well as issues of privacy, and following orders.

Never heard of Beholder? No problem — here’s an official overview:

In Beholder you play as Carl, a state-installed Landlord living in a totalitarian State who must spy on tenants, eavesdrop on them and place wiretaps and cameras to build profiles and report on anyone capable of plotting subversion against the State. You MUST! But WILL you?

Evgeny Sister Producer at Alawar Entertainment accompanied the press release with the following statement:

“Every choice in Beholder has a direct consequence, as you live in a dystopian future where a totalitarian State owns your life, laws are oppressive, surveillance is total and privacy is dead. Actions during Beholder require a moral decision – as a family man, do you report on a doctor, who may be an underground revolutionary? But what if he is the only one able to heal your child?”

Beholder is set to release November 9th on PC. A price point has yet to be divulged.

Check out the new trailer below: