Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Releases Bug DLC

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator's new DLC adds new bugs to the game and is available now for free, or paid in support of coronavirus relief.

Landfall Games released their first paid DLC for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, the Bug DLC.

Upon first reading the announcement I assumed there would be massive bug battles reminiscent of Pixar’s A Bug’s Life. However, Landfall games have delivered something much different.  The DLC’s Steam description reads, “Bugs are awesome, we have too few of them, so we made some more. This DLC includes 11 unique bugs that you can trigger in the options menu!”

That’s right, Landfall has added toggleable bugs to the game for user enjoyment. Bugs included range from changing unit size and giving units valkyrie wings, to giving players access to developer tools such as force pushing.

The DLC costs $4.99 and Landfall Games has pledged to donate all of its profits from the DLC to Doctors Without Borders. There is also a free version of the DLC available which adds the same content. Both Steam and The Epic Games Store take cuts from products sold, so downloading the free version and donating directly to Doctors Without Borders is always an option for anyone who wants to support the cause.

The Bug DLC is available for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator right now on both Steam and The Epic Games Store, and Landfall is currently working towards a release on Xbox. Additionally, I’d highly recommend reading the Steam reviews section for the DLC as it’s easily one of the funniest I’ve ever read.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is currently available in the amazing Conquer COVID-19 Humble Bundle.

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