Totally Reliable Delivery Service Revealed by tinyBuild with Ragdoll Heavy Trailer

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Revealed by tinyBuild with Ragdoll Heavy Trailer

The question is, would I deliver the package or ride a rocket instead?

What happens if you take Boneloaf’s Gang Beasts and No Brakes Games’ Human: Fall Flat, and then mash them together to create a game about being a delivery driver? Totally Reliable Delivery Service seems to be the outcome.

Publisher tinyBuild launched a reveal trailer for We’re Five Games’ Totally Reliable Delivery Service which can be found below. Initial impressions are that it looks like a right laugh with friends, and that’ll be possible as it’ll be both local and online multiplayer.

The general idea is that players take control of a terrible delivery driver and must work to get the package to the destination reliably. The game uses ragdoll physics to make both comical moments, but also challenging moments that look to test the player’s skills. Additionally, the player’s can navigate the world by jumping, walking, driving around, grappling, and even grabbing hold of a spaceship.

The world is said to be an open-world which has interactive toys, machines, and vehicles. If players want, they can stop working and just go and enjoy playing around and as the below video shows, jumping off buildings with umbrellas, or driving boats very fast. If delivering the package is your goal though, it looks like the reliability of your handling depends on how much damage you cause to the package. One shot in the video shows the parcel being placed roughly into a vehicle causing debris to break apart from it.

You’ll be able to choose from four characters and decide whether to play the game on your own, or team up with four-player split screen. One thing for sure is that it looks like a title built for fun.

The game will be undertaking Alpha testing “soon” and the developer directs those who are interested to the sign-up over on the official website.

tinyBuild is known for being the publisher behind the Hello Neighbor games, and last year they announced four gamesHello Neighbor: Hide and Seek,  UnDungeon, Hellpoint, Swag & Sorcery, and Pandemic Express. Totally Reliable Delivery Service wasn’t part of the lineup but does suit the publisher’s style of games they seem to go for with this title looking similar to Clustertruck which launched onto the Nintendo Switch last year.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is confirmed to be arriving to PC on July 15.