Touch My Katamari Will Have DLC, Anime Cameos

on February 9, 2012 9:30 AM

Upcoming Namco Bandai title Touch My Katamari is rolling onto the PlayStation Vita at system launch on February 22. The following day, fans can get their hands on the first downloadable content for the game — a mission conspicuously called “Maid Paradise.”

“Maid Paradise” requires you to roll up — you guessed it — lots and lots of maids, including some really frightening gorillas sporting the classic frilly outfit. 

Fans of the Disgaea series and Lucky Star anime are in for a treat: the “Maid Paradise” pack will feature a cameo appearance by crazed manga shop owner Meito Anizawa, who will run out of his store – Animate Ikebukuro — and straight into your Katamari. You can check out some screens of “Maid Paradise” and Meito below:

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