Towerfall Has Grossed $500k to Date, PlayStation 4 the Best Platform

Retro multipllayer title Towerfall has made more than $500,000 since release, developer Matt Thorson stated in an interview with Eurogamer.

The most succesful platform has been the PlayStation 4, which Thorson notes has surpassed the PC version.

I think it’s just a console game, ya know? People have controllers – it’s not confusing to get the controllers like it is for PC – and people have it in their living rooms already. I think a lot of people still sit down with their friends when they play their consoles, whereas they don’t do that on PC.

Thorson also attributes the success of the title to Sony’s strong support of indies.

Thorson stated that Towerfall has sold 7000 copies on the Ouya console, making it the best selling title.

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