TowerFall is Coming to Nintendo Switch on September 27

TowerFall is Coming to Nintendo Switch on September 27

Towerfall is finally arriving on Nintendo Switch at the end of September, coming with expansions, six-player battles, and characters from Celeste.

After a long wait, Matt Thorson’s multiplayer action game TowerFall is finally arriving on Nintendo Switch. Announced during Nintendo’s Summer 2018 Nindies Showcase, this edition will come with expansions Ascension and Dark World, with characters from Thorson’s game Celeste as an added bonus.

TowerFall traditionally has four players in a fantasy setting battling until the bitter end in multiple quick rounds—shoot arrows, jump on each other, and pick up power-ups to defeat your opponents. The Switch edition, however, will support up to six players in competitive play. Four players can also team up together in co-operative play.

Fans of Celeste will be pleased to learn that Madeline and her “reflection” Badeline will be separate playable characters in this almost Smash Bros.-like multiplayer title. The game touts itself as having over 400 levels, with several variants to give TowerFall over 90 ways to customize multiplayer matches.

TowerFall, after having been available on Ouya, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Vita, will finally come to Switch on September 27.