Town from Game Freak and Nintendo Finally Resurfaces with New Screenshot

Town from Game Freak and Nintendo Finally Resurfaces with New Screenshot

We have finally gotten another look at Game Freak's new Nintendo Switch game Town thanks to Famitsu.

While Nintendo is poised to have a strong 2019 lineup, one title supposedly coming this year that we haven’t heard much about is the tentatively named Town. Coming from Pokemon developer Game Freak, this game was confirmed in a short segment of September 2018’s Nintendo Direct. Unfortunately, the game was not discussed much then and we haven’t even heard much about Town since. That finally changed today though, as it was briefly mentioned in a Famitsu article on Game Freak.

While it was only mentioned briefly, it is nice to hear that the title is still on track. DualShockers’ Iyane Agossah translated the brief portion of the article on the title and it simply says that “the RPG Town (tentative title) is one of the many upcoming games from Game Freaks to look forward to.” While that doesn’t say much, the article also included a never before seen screenshot of the game which you can see either above as the featured image or at the end of this article.

Town is only the latest in Game Freak’s string of occasional non-Pokemon titles. While Game Freak is likely locked in to make new yearly entries of that wildly popular series forever, groups of developers within the company are able to occasionally branch out and do something new. On the 3DS, titles like HarmoKnight and Pocket Card Jockey emerged. More recently, Game Freak has created Tembo the Badass Elephant, Giga Wrecker, and now Town when not working on Pokemon. All of these titles are usually quite different than what we are used to from Game Freak, so I am definitely interested in seeing how Town turns out.

The Famitsu article also states that Town is still on track for a 2019 release in Japan, though it is unknown if it will still release this year in the west. Whenever Nintendo decides to finally show Town again, DualShockers will be sure to let you know. In the meantime, you can also check out the screenshot below and look forward to Nintendo’s E3 2019 presentation.