Towns Developer Abandons Steam Greenlit Game While Pitching an Idea for a Sequel

on May 7, 2014 10:41 AM

In a statement made by Florian Frankenberger, also known as Moebius on the forums, the Towns developer announced how he is abandoning his project.

 …We are now selling less than a third of the x copies a month, loosing about 33% of sells per month.

To be completely honest, I can’t work for that little amount. I have to pay for the rent and food and this doesn’t really suffice for any of it. I also settled for the 15% of the minimum of x copies which is already well below my normal salary.

He also decided to pitch a sequel, stating that there will be a few advantages to starting over including changing the core mechanics to implement new features that are currently unavailable.

Xavi and I were talking about a possible Towns2. At the moment this is just in an idea stage and we can’t really say if he, I , or eventually Ben have the time to create a Towns2. As faithful fans of Towns we would of course reward you in some way, when/if the new game is released.

Xavi Canal, co-creator of the title, left the project back in February after announcing he was “burned about the game and all it involves.”

Despite being one of the first projects to be successfully greenlit by Steam in September of 2012, it fell into some controversy by being sold without making it clear to the players that it wasn’t completed yet.

At this time, the $14.99 game still hasn’t been removed.

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