Toy Box Reveals New Halo 4 Enemies

on May 12, 2012 2:00 PM

So, I know we “finished the fight” with Halo 3, but clearly there’s more aliens to kill and money to be made because the series is going to continue with Halo 4. Beyond that we really don’t know too much about the game. It seems they’re already merchandising though, because a Chinese website has pictures of the back of a toy figurine box with pictures of what’s in store.

The new enemies are the crawler, a lizzard-dog like thing that looks like it’s about to leap on you, and the watcher, which looks like a seal riding a dragonfly. Right now we can only speculate what exactly they are and who they fight for.

More then just enemies though there is also an interesting Spartan soldier toy. This futuristic-lo0king soldier doesn’t look much like any Spartan we’ve seen before, perhaps indicating that humanity has continued the Spartan program while Master Chief was away. It’s also worth noting that the Elites and Grunts will be toys as well, indicating that our old friends will still be involved in the coming game.

For now, that’s all we really have. Take a look at the picture for yourself and let us know what you think it could all mean!

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