Toys R Us, Say Hello To Game Trade-Ins

Toys R Us, Say Hello To Game Trade-Ins

Everyone and their mother, at least here in the US, knows Toys R Us. It’s one of the biggest toy stores in the country, with their known mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe (who’s been missing for quite some time, now that I think about it. Surprisingly, he’s not on milk cartons). Every kid in America has gone through their doors. But now, it seems as if gamers will be more potent to pay a visit to the conglomerate toy store.

Today, Toys R Us will be rolling out its video game trade-in program nationwide which will allow customers to sell games from as far back as Intellivision… My. God. You read that right, people. Intellivision – a system older than most of us. Those of you who use the program will receive a gift card for the value of the trade-in (you’re not gonna get much for those old ass games. Probably a bag of potato chips or something) which can be used for any product at Toys R Us, Babies R Us or online at  Babies R Us? Well, any gamer daddies having trouble buying diapers for their infants can trade in their collection of PlayStation games and get themselves a fucking sack of comfortable Pampers.

The process goes as follows: You get in the store; your eyes wander around frivolously looking for the appropriate location; you get upset and look for the closest Toys R Us clerk; you approach them and ask them where this “exchange” program takes place; the Toys R Us clerk looks at you in disgust and thinks to himself/herself how much they want to kick you in the groin area for taking up their lunch time and points you toward the correct location; you arrive with the merchandise where it’ll be scanned. If the value is acceptable, the customer will receive a gift card. Bam! There ya go.

Why Toys R Us is accepting trade-in as far back as Intellivision is beyond us. However, it is a great thing for collectors who’ve been having a hard time finding game X. It’ll be a great way to distribute oldies amongst those looking for them (if such a system is offered). Right on, Toys R Us! You have conjoined toys and baby stuff for all to have through this program.  Gaming and being a daddy has never been so sweet…

[Source: Joystiq]

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  1. Everyone seems to want to get a piece of the used games action these days…