Trackmania 2 Lagoon Launch Trailer Released for Today’s PC Debut

Launch trailer for Trackmania 2 Lagoon has loop-de-loops galore with insane stunt action as it launches on PC.

on May 23, 2017 2:36 PM

Trackmania 2 Lagoon released on PC today, so naturally that means we had to get a launch trailer to go along with it. Similar to Trackmania Turbo which launched last year, Trackmania 2 Lagoon has similar tracks raised up above the water and filled with crazy stunts.

Ubisoft has added a lot to the arcade racer, including a solo racer campaign, new team mode called Chase and a huge amount of content based in user created tracks. There are 65 tracks included in the solo racing campaign and six separate game modes including free online multiplayer. The user generated content will be included in the Maniaplanet mode, which lets you create new tracks and activities till’ your heart’s content.

Of the four games in the Trackmania series, only Trackmania Turbo came to consoles last year. For now, only PC players get the chance to try their hand at Trackmania 2 Lagoon, which is available beginning today, May 23rd. You can see the launch trailer below.

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