New Trackmania Title Not Subscription-Based Says Ubisoft

According to Ubisoft, Trackmania Nations is not subscription-based, but a game you have to buy again.

There has been some confusion recently regarding the remake of Trackmania Nations by Ubisoft Nadeo, specifically regarding the game’s strange price listings. In response to criticism that the game is unnecessarily sold with a subscription-based model, Ubisoft has responded, saying the game in fact is not subscription-based. Instead, according to Ubisoft, Trackmania Nations is instead a game you “pay for having access to” for a certain time period, and once that period is up, you must buy the game again.

So far, Trackmania Nations is priced as a free-to-play title, however, there are two subscription tiers that allow players to access the series’ usual content. Access to the game’s track editor, a flagship feature of the franchise, is locked behind a $10 per year subscription. Another paid subscription tier, which costs $30 per year or $60 for three years, includes “Club Access.” This subscription tier affords players entrance into special racing leagues as well as exclusive skins.

However, when asked by a fan of the series on the maniaplanet forums to consider adding a “‘lifetime’ purchase option,” Ubisoft responded with the following: “Actually it’s not a subscription model but an access to the game for a limited time. You pay for having access to the game for one period and that’s it. When the time is over, you have to buy the game again for the time that you want to access it again.”

Naturally, fans have responded saying that they want to pay for the game in its entirety rather than per month via a subscription. However, Ubisoft is maintaining that the game is not subscription-based. The company’s description of Trackmania Nations as a game you have to buy multiple times is, undoubtedly, imaginative.

Trackmania Nations is set to come out on July 1 on the Ubisoft store and the Epic Games store. For more information on the title, you can check out its site here.

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