Trailblazers Blasts onto the Switch and PS4 for Digital and Retail Release next Month

Trailblazers Blasts onto the Switch and PS4 for Digital and Retail Release next Month

Rising Star Games and developer Supergonk, announced today that cooperative arcade racer Trailblazers is coming to the Switch and PS4 next month

Today publisher Rising Star Games, who are in partnership with developer Supergonk, announced that Trailblazers, will arrive to the Nintendo Switch and also PS4 for European retail purchase on November 16 and then everywhere else in the world via the Nintendo eShop November 15.

For those that don’t know, Trailblazers is a fast-paced, WipeOut inspired racing game. In it, players will have a whole host of different modes, including standard single-player, as well as both online multiplayer and 4-player split-screen couch multiplayer.

Some of the features you can expect to see in Trailblazers is –

  • Nintendo Switch Exclusive Character: A new character is introduced to the racing line-up – the overbearing space frog father of Boo – Boo’s Dad!
  • Access to All Content: Nintendo Switch players will experience end game content right from the get-go!
  • Campaign Mode: Compete across the galaxy on different race tracks and be entertained by the antics of the most eclectic set of racers this side of the cosmos.
  • A Musical Feast: Enjoy the retro-futuristic soundtrack that fits perfectly with the visual aesthetic of the game, aural soundscapes from the officially licensed soundtrack featuring artists like; Skope, Derevolutions, A.Skillz and more.
  • Award Winning Artist: Gorgeous Trailblazers artwork designed by BAFTA award-winning artist Will Milton.
  • Scenic Tracks: In the race for glory, players will scorch their way through mountain ranges, lush rainforests and arid desert valleys in Trailblazers.
  • Diverse Characters: Each driver plays a vital role in the racing community and together they unfold the story of the Trailblazers world, each having a specific role and style of driving.
  • Futuristic Fleet: Players can choose from a showroom of the fastest race cars in the galaxy, each with customized stats to fit every play style and track type.
  • Cross-platform Play: Team-up or face-off across the platform divide!

Trailblazers will be available to purchase from stores for the Switch on November 13 and digitally November 15. The retail box version of Trailblazers on the PS4 will become available on November 13.

Check out the Trailblazers Switch trailer below, followed by some Switch screenshots –