Trailer for #IDARB Reveals the Game Launches in February, Select Few Can Play the Game Now

Trailer for #IDARB Reveals the Game Launches in February, Select Few Can Play the Game Now

Other Ocean Interactive has announced their upcoming crowd-designed, 8-player platform esport game, #IDARB will be available for free when it debuts next year…or two months early, for some lucky few.

Throughout February, Xbox One owners with Xbox Live Gold accounts will be able to download game free of charge, as part of Microsoft’s Games with Gold program. However, Other Ocean is granting a select group of fans to download the final game two months early.

Mike Mika, Head of Development for Other Ocean explains:

#IDARB’s development team is more than just us in the studio – it’s the thousands of fans that made character sprites on, gave us feedback at shows, and contributed just about every game design decision in the game by tweeting their ideas at us. It might sound kind of strange to give the game away for free two months before it officially comes out, but that’s in line with how #IDARB was built from day one.

Codes will be given out through the game’s Twitter accountwebsite, and through live video streams on its Twitch channel.

#IDARB is a competitive game for up to eight players that combines classic 2D platformer mechanics with hockey and basketball rules. Players can draw their own characters in a charming 8-bit pixel style, build their own teams, compose their own fight songs, and compete with other players either in the same room or over the internet.

Its is also the first video game where fans spectating a session can disrupt the players, in real time, using either Twitch or Twitter. Spectators can turn the ball into a bomb, spawn fireworks, fill the screen with water, and more.

Check out the game’s trailer and screenshots below.