Trailer For Ride to Hell: Retribution Is Brutal, Violent, And Not Safe For Work

Trailer For Ride to Hell: Retribution Is Brutal, Violent, And Not Safe For Work

Deep Silver’s newly unveiled game, Ride to Hell: Retribution, looks like–forgive the pun–one hell of a game: one part 70’s revenge flick, one part Sons of Anarchy, and all parts violent.

The game centers around trained soldier Jake Conway, out to destroy a biker gang called The Devil’s Hand, who we can assume murdered someone he loved, or bought the last Diet Coke from Jake’s local bodega. The game will be a 3rd person action title, dripping with brutal combat, biker chicks, and seedy locales, some of which can be seen in the screenshots and art below. The only details on the gameplay that we know so far is that Jake will be able to weaponize his environment, use hand to hand combat on foot, or engage in high speed hog-to-hog combat. He may also have a “Super Mad” mode, where he gets enraged and empowered, if the game’s Facebook page is any indication.

The game’s motto is simple: “Two fists; two wheels; no rules.”

Other characters (whose concept art you can also see below) include:

  • Mack: Jake’s grizzled mentor and father figure (and looks like Whistler from Blade).
  • King Dick: A part of The Devil’s Hand, who is describe as having a royal level of dickery.
  • Triple 6: Described as running the show, and whose weapon of choice is a chainsaw.
  • Greasy Steve: The only thing he obeys (clearly not hygiene) is speed.
  • Anvil: His role in The Devil’s Hand is compared to a boulder: heavy, dumb, and occasionally used as a blunt weapon.
  • Colt: The “wrangler” of The Devil’s Hand’s drug ring, and loves denim.
  • Meathook: Described as “an explosion in progress,” if Anvil is the boulder of The Devil’s Hand, Meathook is the tip of a spear. Described as a refined and deadly tool “that can take anyone down without a moment’s notice.”

The Ride to Hell website also indicates a downloadable tie-in game, called Ride to Hell: Route 666. Described as a game where players use their brains and brawn to lead their pack of bikers across Route 66, this title will invovle action and tactical combat and will be available for the Playstation Network and Xbox Live.

There’s also another game on the website, called Ride to Hell: Beatdown, with no details. It’s safe to assume this will be a companion app for mobile devices, but we’ll know for sure when more details come out.

Ride to Hell: Retribution is set to release to the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360. The website also has some cool rock tunes that may make it into the game, which you can check out here.