Transformers Trading Card Game Will Be Discontinued By Wizards of the Coast

After failing to meet expectations, Wizards of the Coast is pulling the plug on the Transformers TCG due the dismay of Autobot loyalists.

In a statement on the game’s official Facebook page, Wizards of the Coast has announced that the Transformers TCG (trading card game) will be ending. With this in mind, the Titan Masters Attack set being the game’s final release.

The short life of Transformers TCG is the result of the tumultuous time we all find ourselves in with the global pandemic and the hurdles it has created. Additionally, the game failed to meet expectations to draw in a broader fanbase.  Wizards–while admitting that the TCG was growing among the retailer and player communities–just couldn’t seem to pull in enough Transformers fans to get invested. Because of this, the Titan Masters Attacks set (which was the last set to release back on May 29, 2020) will be the game’s last.

Transformers TCG managed to stick around for only two years. Still, even in that short time, Wizards was able to create a unique and exciting card game that find clever solutions that captured the essence of the franchise transforming. Booster packs were oversized and stood out on shelves, as each one contained an oversized holographic card with dynamic and exceptional art of man of fans’ favorite bots.

One side of the card showcased the vehicle mode while the other debuted the robot mode, each with separate stats and abilities. Later sets continued to convert more popular aspects from the show into a game mechanic with the Titans, Head Masters, and most impressively the Combiners. Titan Masters being gigantic city-sized Transformers that were on even larger cards that were powerhouses and had tremendous amounts of health.

The other big addition that the game got was the Combiners, giant robots that were composed of numerous other Transformers–think Voltron or Megazord–and how the team implemented these characters with only two-sided cards was quite brilliant. The cards were folded versions of a usual Transformer card, with the bot and vehicle modes each filling out one side of the folded card. When unfolded, the back showed a piece of the larger combined robot. It was genius, and trying to collect all the parts of the various Combiner teams was more exciting than your traditional booster pack opening.

The gameplay was distinctly its own, letting players change their characters from robot mode and vehicle mode on their turn, and incorporating a random-draw mechanic that would determine how much damage you would do and take. It was vastly different from other TCGs on the market, including Wizards’ monolithic Magic: The Gathering. It’s a bummer that it couldn’t get more of the limelight from the fanbase. I spoke with Drew Nolosco, brand manager for the game, back at PAX East 2019 for Irrational Passions–it was clear that the team had a lot of ideas on bringing more series staples over to the card-board dimension, including the planet-devouring terror, Unicron.

We will never know how this game would have faired if it didn’t have to contend with a global crisis, and we will never see how the game would continue to evolve, which will gnaw on fans of the game for years to come. If you have ever wanted to try the game out, you should pick up packs or pre-made decks while you still can, before they’re gone, back into the Matrix that birthed it, never to be seen again.

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