Transformers: War for Cybertron Teaser Trailer

Transformers: War for Cybertron Teaser Trailer

Everyone who grew up in the 80’s and saw the real Transformers knows what a good ol’ action cartoon was. With the likes of He-Man and his ridiculous haircut and S&M outfit, Thundercats and that annoying little bastard Snarf who, surprisingly, never got the Sword of Omens shoved through his furry face, and G.I. Joe dudes with their sporadic anti-everything messages, cartoons in those days were one of the very reasons that the 80’s was the shit. Forget

But, of course, nothing topped Transformers for me. It was a cartoon that offered everything little boys loved at an adolescent age – cars, robots, cartoons, kick-ass fighting, and the most cheesiest lines we’ve ever heard and weren’t able to analyze until now. The toys were awesome and the cartoon was awesome. Then came the most atrocious act of God which would forever change the nostalgic moments we once clasped for so long – movies and cartoon remakes (everyone has their own opinion on this).

Now, the Transformers franchise isn’t known for having the best of console games. Every time we hear a Transformers game is being released, we let out a disappointing sigh, a shake of the head, and a slur of words that doesn’t form anything near a proper sentence. Why? Well, because just about ever game released around the Transformers name felt like a raping – like something we needed to harshly scrub off but the lack of steaming water made it an impossibility and left the stench of disaster infused in our epidermis.

However, it seems that developer High Moon Studios and publisher Activision are on a quest to change all that with their new game based on the… uh… “transforming” robotic lifeforms with the release of Transformers: War for Cybertron. Not much is known about the game beyond the fact that it contains Transformers and that their is a war for Cybertron… but we do have a teaser trailer showing off the bad-assness of everyone’s favorite truck, aside from Tonka, Optimus Prime hacking and slashing at his foes with a barbaric axe and a group of Autobots at his side ready to kick some serious ass.

The trailer looks good, and the game looks to bring something that the other Transformers games couldn’t: nostalgic entertainment. It is only a teaser trailer, so not much can be taken from it besides the fact that it might induce a chubby for those of you hardcore fans. So wear your tight pants, folks.

If you want to go and check their site out, you can go by clicking here. Be warned, though. Unless you want to spend countless hours trying to decipher the countdown, you’re going to just be staring at a screen with unfamiliar “alien” text.