Open-World Driving Title Transmission Gets a Night-To-Day Timelapse Video

Open-World Driving Title Transmission Gets a Night-To-Day Timelapse Video

Driving all night sounds great, sleeping all day sounds great too.

Towards the end of November just gone I covered news regarding Transmissiona game that puts players in the driving seat of a car, driving from point-to-point to deliver packages. That news focused on the teased footage of the driving in action, showing a night-time setting with a strong purple hue as the driver casually drives down a fictional motorway set in the UK.

Another Tweet has popped up on Sea Green Games’ Jon Dadley’s Twitter, this time showing off a night-to-day timelapse in Transmission, and it certainly looks wonderful. We already know that you’ll be working a night shift, returning home to manage vehicles and your garage. The Tweet tells us that when dawn arrives you’ll sleep until nightfall.

Here’s the Tweet with a short video attached showing the night-time traffic passing by as the dark sky slowly transforms into golden dawn.

What should be interesting is how the night-to-day cycle works should the player be nowhere near home when dawn arrives after a night of driving. I replied to the Tweet to ask if there was anything in place to allow players to pull over and have a snooze, Dadley replied stating that it’s still a process he’s figuring out, but players will be able to purchase garages across the world.

Transmission is so far confirmed to be arriving to PC and has an estimated launch date pointing to 2020.