Transmission Possibly Arriving in 2020, New Video Shows Driving in Action

Transmission looks beautiful, but it's a long way off from release.

By Ben Bayliss

November 30, 2018

What if you didn’t want to speed around racetracks or perform elaborate stunts around an open-world like The Crew 2? What if you want a relaxing cruise but you don’t like driving trucks in Eurotruck Simulator? Then Transmission is one you’ll be interested in. Jon Dadley, a developer at Sea Green Games has released another video on Twitter showing the game in action.

Transmission appears to have been in development for quite a while it seems going by the developers Twitter timeline, with it originally being titled, “Cozy Taxi”. It’s a driving title set in the UK during 1986 using fictional places such as Cockdock, however, the title isn’t just aimlessly driving about. Players will take on the role of a courier who uses their personal car to carry and deliver packages at night.

Due to the time period, there’s no sat-nav to guide the player, instead, you’ll have to use an actual in-game paper map as well as street signs. You’ll need to deliver packages on time or risk losing out on full payments. Once the night shift is over you return home and can purchase new garages and cars, slowly building up your delivery business.

It is an open world with a focus on traveling the motorways with a stylish, retro 80’s arcade aesthetic and allows players to stream radio stations, MP3’s, and podcasts through your cars stereo. There’s also a feature to allow you to photograph your journey using a range of lenses, filters, and effects.

For an even more mellow mood, you can activate cruise control and just sit back and admire the scenery. You’ll also be able to turn Endless Night mode on which removes time limits and missions from the game.

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The video you can find below shows the car driving down a rainy motorway with a strong purple hue. We see various car engine lights such as full beams, ice warning, and petrol, and the interface also shows the players current location and the name of the destination. The radio blares out some chilled out tunes and we can hear the manual transmission changing gear as the car speeds up.

Transmission is way off from release with the Steam page stating it’ll be launching in Q1 2020. On Twitter Dadley responded to a Twitter user saying he plans to launch the game in eighteen months and plans to bring it to Kickstarter within the next few months with a demo included.

Sea Green Games were behind the Stage Presence title that found players screaming into their microphones singing or scatting to please a crowd. Stage Presence had a VR focus to it as well, and looking at the footage from Transmission I think VR would be an awesome feature for this title too.

So far Transmission will be arriving on PC, here’s that video for you to watch.

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