Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Gets New “Coffee & Doughnut” Trailer

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Gets New “Coffee & Doughnut” Trailer

Leading up to launch, Grasshopper Manufacturer has released a new Travis Trikes Again: No More Heroes trailer showcasing more gameplay.

Grasshopper Manufacturer revealed a new trailer for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes showcasing a new level that’ll be included in the game.

Throughout the trailer, we see some more conventional hack-and-slash gameplay as Travis and Bad Man run through various locations. Of course, doughnuts do make an appearance and they’re used as platforming objects for the player. We also get to see a new boss called Brian Buster Jr. who looks incredibly off the rails in typical Suda 51 fashion. As always, you can check out the trailer for yourself down below.

If you’ve missed out on any recent Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes news, Grasshopper Manufacturer recently gave new details on the game’s physical release and season pass. The physical version will cost $10 more than the digital release and will be distributed by Nintendo. For those that do pick up the physical version, that extra $10 will get you the game’s season pass and some cool box art to put on the shelf. Additionally, the game received some new screenshots a few days ago.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is a spin-off of the Wii’s No More Heroes series. As opposed to a conventional No More Heroes game, Travis Strikes Again will be quite different as it contains elements from many different titles. Travis Touchdown, the protagonist of the series, finds himself sucked into a possessed video game console which in turn requires him to tackle a couple of different gaming genres.

Series director Suda 51 has expressed interest in creating a proper third entry in the No More Heroes universe. Its creation will be partly dependent on this title’s performance. The title will launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on January 18. Leading up to its launch, Grasshopper has released a slew of trailers over the past couple of weeks.