Travis Strikes Again Gets First Two Player Gameplay Shown With Suda51 as Badman

Travis Strikes Again Gets First Two Player Gameplay Shown With Suda51 as Badman

DualShockers gets to go hands-on with Suda51's Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes on Nintendo Switch, check out our gameplay

During GDC 2018, we had the opportunity to play Suda51’s upcoming action title, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, coming to Nintendo Switch.

The gameplay mimics much of the fast action that No More Heroes fans are used to, including the recharging feature that requires the player to shake the controller in a suggestive up and down motion. During the gameplay, you’ll see an early build of the game to show off the action as well as Travis’s light and strong attacks. Also, Suda51 stepped in as Badman to play the game in 2 player mode with us. Evidentally, he grabs the controller and says he’s not that good, but we ended up beating the boss quicker than I saw at the event.

Additionally, Travis and Badman show off a few special moves that enable them to do some unique moves like put down a shield which will protect them from projectiles, heal, lay a bomb, and more. The level played is fairly straightforward in the sense that you only travel one direction until you reach a special boss, where the two characters share an interesting conversation at the end of the level. However, this is only one section of the level.

If you’d like to know more please check out our most recent interview with Suda51 on the game’s development as well as our review of the newest Grasshopper Manufacturer title to come west, The 25th Ward: The Silver Case.

You can watch the gameplay of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes below: