New Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes' Co-op Gameplay on Nintendo Minute

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes gives us a sneak peek at the new couch co-op gameplay thanks to the latest Nintendo Minute

One week away until the release of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, and Nintendo Minute shows off the game’s revamped gameplay. During the segment, the hosts play as Travis and Badman, focusing on the co-op feature of the game.

The video starts out actually in the shop to show off the cool indie game shirts that the players can purchase and equip. Shirts include Undertale, Golf Story, and Minit. We then dive straight into the “Coffee and Doughnut” world which is a hub that takes you through multiple areas, including a desert wasteland.

You’ll immediately notice the change in appearance from the original titles, ditching the old third-person camera angles for an arcade beat ’em up fixed camera. And the gameplay kind of matches the beat ’em up genre as well, with waves of enemies approaching as you progress through a linear map. Along the map, however, there’s some slight puzzles and platforming however to mix up the progression.

We also see some of the special abilities the characters have at their disposal, including a digital wall that keeps enemies back. There also appears to be a cool-off for each special move used so you won’t have to worry about any resource management or anything of that sort. One thing that remains intact though is the crude laser-sword recharging that Travis’ needs to do from time to time, a staple to the series.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes may seem like a departure from the core gameplay from previous titles. But if a good M-rated couch co-op game is something you’ve been waiting for on your Switch, you can pre-order the game now for only $30 before it comes out on January 18.

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