Treasure Stack Coming to Nintendo Switch this Winter

Treasure Stack Coming to Nintendo Switch this Winter

Developed by Pixelakes, Treasure Stack is a vertical puzzle game with a platforming twist.

Announced during today’s Summer Nindies Showcase, the vertical puzzle game Treasure Stack will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this Winter.

Like Tetris but with a twist, Treasure Stack adds platforming to the tradition vertical puzzle game giving its own unique take on the genre. In its simplest form, you’ll have to group same-colored treasure chests together and then unlock them with the corresponding key.

However, you’ll also have the ability to take control of a character to move blocks around and use the grappling hook to efficiently clear chests.There will also be different characters and grapples. There is not a lot of information on whether each character or grapple will work differently.

The trailer also mentioned that it will support up to 4 players locally in versus mode. Additionally, online play will be cross-platform. The only platform currently announced is PC.

That was just one of many announcements that occurred during today’s Nindies Showcase. You can check out more news from the Direct on the site.