Treyarch Chief: Call of Duty Zombies “Shouldn’t Exist”; Explains How It Came To Be

Treyarch Chief: Call of Duty Zombies “Shouldn’t Exist”; Explains How It Came To Be

Today at the DICE 2015 summit awards Mark Lamia of Treyarch took to the stage and revealed something a little shocking, something that may make you drop whatever your holding, so put down your coffee or sweet tea.

Mark Lamia revealed on stage that Call of Duty Zombies shouldn’t exist. He didn’t just leave it there and go on to talk about other things, instead he put it into context.

Lamia explains that Treyarch were creating World at War, their third world war two game in the franchise, something that had caused some on the creative team to become “very restless.”

The team were behind on their schedule for what was expected to be the biggest game of the year, but a small team deviated from the project and began prototyping new game modes, one of which became the Nazi Zombies that became the start of an amazing mini-series within the Call of Duty franchise.

As other departments began hearing about Nazi Zombies around the offices, people would chip in their ideas and that became the growth for the mini-game within a game.

Lamia almost canned the project initially. He was a little peeved to find that some within the studio had gone off course when the studio were struggling to meet deadlines, but then he sat down at one of the developers desk and tried it out and the rest is history. The guy loved it, he showed it off to the top brass at Activision and it all turned out for the best, despite some opposition from a few within the franchise who were fearful of going out-the-box.

So basically, you need to be tweeting your thanks to Mr Lamia. Like right now.