Trials of the Blood Dragon Revealed at E3; Released Today by Ubisoft

Trials of the Blood Dragon Revealed at E3; Released Today by Ubisoft

A few years ago the wild and crazy spin-off Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon brought a tinge of the 80s to its open-world action game, and while a proper sequel hasn’t been released, an even crazier concept has with the 80s-nostalgia of Blood Dragon crossing over with the fast-paced action game Trials.

During today’s press conference for Ubisoft at E3 2016, the company announced a new game called Trials of the Blood Dragon that mashes up the popular platform racing game with the 80s tinge of Blood Dragon, with Ubisoft taking it one step further that the game will be released today following the conclusion of the Ubisoft press conference for $14.99 on all platforms.

An official update from Ubisoft provided some more detail on the unique combination of Trials and Blood Dragon:

Combining the hyperstylized attitude and shooting of Blood Dragon with the demanding, physics-based motocross platforming of Trials and a soundtrack by Power Glove, Trials of the Blood Dragon creates something wholly unique, putting Colt’s twin son and daughter through a 30-mission storyline in which they’ll blast their way through Vietnam, Miami, Japan, a lost temple, outer space, and even Hell.

Trials of the Blood Dragon will be available today for PS4, Xbox One, and PC – in the meantime, you can check out the official reveal trailer and several screenshots for the game below: