Trials Rising Gets a Wintery Polar Expedition Track Pack Today

Trials Rising gets five brand new wintery tracks added today as part of the games third track pack titled Polar Expedition.

By Ben Bayliss

January 2, 2020

Trials Rising is getting five new “cool” tracks added today allowing players to ride around on the snowy and icy obstacles. The arrival of the tracks marks the game’s third track pack to be added to the title and it’s called the Polar Expedition Track Pack.

Ubisoft’s physics-focused motorbiking title will introduce the following tracks; Permafrost, Glacial Mess, Inuit’s Paradise, Out Cold, and Iceferno. The official blog post details the tracks and shares teaser images of them. However, I also waffle about them below.

Permafrost, set in Greenland is said to bring the player plenty of airtime, meaning players need to choose how they control the airtime. Glacial Mess seems to bring a lot of icebergs into play that are capable of sinking, as well as cracking ice that players can fall through.

Inuit’s Paradise, set at night might look pretty with the Aurora Borealis shimmering through the sky but apparently comes with a lot of technical skills needed to complete it. Out Cold puts a storm around a military station where players will be venturing underground and discovering secrets the military is hiding. I assume, from the title of the track, you’ll bump your head a lot.

Iceferno is stated to be the toughest track out of all of the new tracks, being based on the final level of Hell which is said to be covered in ice.

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Trials Rising is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The game also made DualShockers staff writer, Tanner’s top ten games of 2019.

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