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Tribes of Midgard Season 2 Update Patch Notes & Yulidays (Winter) Event

Here are the patch notes details for the Tribes of Midgard Season 2 update

December 14, 2021

Gearbox and Norsfell have just launched the first massive update for Tribes of Midgard, Season 2 Serpent Saga. The expansion adds most notably a whole sea system to the game with boats, swimming, and ocean exploration.

Tribes of Midgard 2.0 Serpent Saga most notably adds a new Winter / Christmas event titled the Yulidays. The Event and its schedule was also detailed in the patch notes. You can find all the changes below.

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Tribes of Midgard 2.0 Patch Notes: New Features

● New Biome: Open Seas

○ The emergence of Jömungandr has changed the seas of Midgard forever! All Worlds are now generated with a far greater balance of water, with the outer edges of the mainland now populated with islands filled with dangerous creatures, rare resources, and valuable treasures for you to conquer. But don’t let the uplifting music go to your head as you sail, for a seafaring Viking must stay ever-vigilant, lest you crash your ship against a rocky reef…

● New Vendor: Shipyard

○ A new vendor station. A ruined Shipyard can be found on an Ash Beach biome located near the Village. Gather enough resources to rebuild the Shipyard, and you’ll be able to craft Boats from it directly. Donate additional Materials to upgrade the Shipyard and gain access to better Boats:
■ Shipyard LVL 1 grants access to the Færing, a simple Boat capable of
sailing a single Viking. Lowest Speed and HP of all Boats.
■ Shipyard LVL 2 grants access to the Karve, a medium sized Boat capable
of sailing up to 4 Vikings. Moderate Speed and HP.
■ Shipyard LVL 3 grants access to the mighty Drakkar, a massive Boat
capable of sailing up to 10 Vikings. Highest Speed and HP of all Boats.

● Boats, Boats, Boats!

○ Having conquered the Wolf Saga, the Einherjar further reflect on their past lives as Vikings and the old ways. With renewed purpose, they remembered the lost art of sailing these majestic vessels across the seas.
■ Boats are part of your Construction Inventory
■ To use your Boat, approach any coastline, shore or cliff with access to
open waters and enter Build Mode
■ From there you can cycle to the Boat of your choice and place it at the
location of your choosing, so long as there is enough water to support it
■ With your Boat placed, move up next to it to Climb In.
■ Interact with the Rudder at the rear of the Boat to take control and start
■ When making landfall, be sure to dock your Boat on an accessible
shoreline, like a Beach, in order to easily return to it when ready
○ Boats are the best way to navigate the Open Seas, but be careful not to crash or take too much damage from enemies; if your Boat loses all of its HP, it is destroyed, and you’ll have to hope there’s a shore close enough to swim to.

● Swimming

○ That’s right, swim! Not only did the Einherjar recently remember the ancient art of sailing, but the crucial skills necessary to survive in a world with so much water.
Not sure how they forgot in the first place, maybe Valhalla only has wading pools (golden wading pools!), but Eira Foot-Crushed has been kind enough to give everyone valuable swimming lessons in between her usual Jötunn hunting.
■ When jumping into any body of water, you’ll enter a Swim mode
■ While swimming, if you reach an accessible shoreline or a Boat ladder,
you can approach it to Climb Up, which is great for river crossings or if
you want to try your luck and swim out to a nearby island
■ While swimming, you will receive a Stamina gauge that will continue to
deplete while you’re in water.
■ If the Stamina gauge runs out, you will begin taking damage until the seas
claim you – just don’t come back as an Unsunken, please!
■ Water is quite cool and will lower your temperature while swimming. Use
this to your advantage in the Smoky Highlands, but be careful in the
Glacier Peaks!
● New Saga Boss: Jörmungandr
○ Jörmungandr has risen! The notorious World Serpent resides in his Lair at the heart of the ocean, and if he is not stopped soon, he will consume all of Midgard in the name of Ragnarök. Jörmungandr is notorious for his deadly poison, enormous size, and mastery of the seas.
○ His Arena is very unique from that of Fenrir’s. You’ll face Jörmungandr on a narrow, arched platform that will encircle the beast as he emerges from the sea to smash and feed.
○ Remember to beware of not just his head, but his tail as well! Defeating
Jörmungandr will be worthy of Saga indeed.
● New Saga Quest and Saga Quest Selection
○ With a new Saga Boss introduced, we’ve also introduced a new Saga Quest that will guide you on your journey to defeat Jörmungandr. With Tribes of Midgard now having two Saga Bosses, we’ve also added a Saga Quest selection at the Quest Board in the Village.
○ Fenrir still remains as part of the World, as is the Saga Quest to defeat him. If you’re feeling particularly brave (and fast), you can even attempt to complete both Saga Quests in a single World.
○ Please note that during Season 2, the Jörmungandr Saga is selected by default but can be changed at the Quest Board at any time.
■ The Jörmungandr Saga will require rebuilding the Shipyard and acquiring Boats to take you across the Open Seas.
■ Out at sea, you’ll need to discover the location of remote islands
harboring the sacred Beacons.
■ You can locate these islands by navigating the seas and exploring
yourself, or uncovering lost Beacon Treasure Maps that will reveal a
Beacon’s location on your Map.

■ These Beacons are defended by fortified enemy camps, and as Einherjar,
it is your duty to raid these camps to light up the Beacons.
■ Once all 3 Beacons have been lit up, the portal to Jörmungandr’s Lair will
be revealed and ready for you. Your Saga Boss challenge awaits – fight

● New Condition: Poisoned

○ Some of the newly introduced enemy attacks, such as from a Selkie’s claws or
Jörmungandr’s spit, are capable of poisoning you. The Poisoned condition will slowly eat away at your HP and Mana if you’re afflicted.
● New Armor Perks
○ Saga 2 debuts the Armor Perks system. Every piece of Armor in Tribes of
Midgard now contains an additional passive bonus.
○ Each Perk is assigned to a particular Armor Set, so if you want to maximize a certain effect, you can equip multiple pieces from the same Armor Set to stack the bonus.
○ You can also mix and match Armor Perks if you’re feeling creative.
○ Armor Perks per Armor Set:
■ Villager: Increase chance to receive double the loot from enemy drops
per piece equipped.
■ Hersir: Increase Sword damage per piece equipped.
■ Raider: Increase Axe damage per piece equipped.
■ Seidr: Increase damage against Helthings per piece equipped.
■ Feral: Increase Hammer damage per piece equipped.
■ Nornir: Increase Thunder damage per piece equipped.
■ Seiðr: Increase Damage against Helthing per piece equipped.
■ Útgarð: Increase Ice damage per piece equipped.
■ Gullveig: Increase Fire damage per piece equipped.
■ Serpent (New Set): Increase Dark damage per piece equipped.
■ Fornjót: Increase Damage against Jötunn per piece equipped.
■ Baldr: Regenerate HP every 10 seconds. Amount healed increases per
piece equipped.
■ Fenrir: Increase Damage against Saga Bosses per piece equipped.
■ Jörmungandr (New Set): Regenerate Mana every 2 seconds. Amount
gained increases per piece equipped.

Tribes of Midgard 2.0 patch notes – New content

New creatures added

● New Creature: Seals (so cute)
○ A new docile creature that inhabits the coasts of Midgard.
● New Creature: Selkie (not so cute)
○ Often disguising themselves as Seals, at first, these vicious creatures will lunge at you if you get too close, inflicting poison with their claws that will slowly drain your Mana and HP.

○ Selkie are also known for their magical Chants which can drastically Slow your attack and move speed if you’re caught in it. If a Selkie feels threatened, they’ll enter an Enraged state, boosting their attack speed even further.
○ The flippers they drop can be used for new Crafting Recipes, such as the
Serpent Set.
● New Creature: Fossegrim
○ The enigmatic Fossegrim stick mostly to their secluded islands. Armed with their trusty lyres, Fossegrims come bearing one of three magical songs that provide benefits to their allies in a nearby radius: increasing armor, granting speed/attack boosts or reviving them when defeated.
○ Get too close to a Fossegrim and they can knock you back with a sudden strum of their lyre, and if they’re really annoyed with you, one of their songs is even capable of siphoning some of your Souls.
○ Their essence is a key ingredient in a powerful new Potion Recipe, the Immunity Elixir, as well as crafting the new Legendary Jörmungandr Set.

● New Camps: Beacons

○ During your Season 2 Saga Quest, you’ll encounter Beacon Camps on isolated islands out in the Open Seas
○ These unique Camps are fortified with a gauntlet of Turrets that fire at regular
intervals, inflicting poison as you make your way to the central Arena
○ In the central Arena you’ll encounter a host of challenging enemies protecting a sacred Beacon
○ Defeat the enemies, claim the treasure chest, and activate the Beacon in all 3 Camps to light the way to Jörmungandr
● New Runes:
○ We have added 5 new Runes to bolster your options and provide new strategies.
See below for their abilities and how to acquire them:
■ Nothing to Wield [Rare]: Increase damage dealt by combo attacks and
Spells when fighting unarmed, enabling resource harvesting without
■ Mana Pathfinder [Rare]: Gain [10] Mana per second when running on a
■ Harvest Boom [Rare]: Harvesting resources triggers an explosion,
causing [medium] physical damage.
■ Winter’s Wake [Epic]: Defeated enemies have a 15% chance to activate
a swirling storm of frost around you dealing [medium] damage.
■ Eira’s Gift [Legendary]: Bearing the markings of Eira Foot-Crushed, the
back of this idol just reads: ‘You Owe Me One’. Whatever that means…
● All new Runes are Unlocked as Season Rewards

● New Starter Kits:

○ We have added 6 Starter Kits to shake-up that early-game routine! See below for their contents and how to acquire them:
■ Builder Starter Kit [Uncommon]: Equip this Starter Kit to begin a new
World with Wooden Board x10, Cut Stone x10 and Wrought Iron x10.

■ Industrial Starter Kit [Rare]: Equip this Starter Kit to begin a new World
with Freyr’s Harvest Rune x1 and Harvest Boom Rune x1.
■ Twin Knuckle Starter Kit [Rare]: Equip this Starter Kit to begin a new
World with Nothing to Wield Rune x2.
■ Tactical Retreat Starter Kit [Epic]: Equip this Starter Kit to begin a new
World with Waystone Potion x1 and Speed Elixir x2.
■ Sailor Starter Kit [Epic]: Equip this Starter Kit to begin a new World with
Færing Boat x1.
■ Expedition Starter Kit [Legendary]: Equip this Starter Kit to begin a new
World with Merchants/Sorcerer Treasure Map x2, Shrine Treasure Map
x2 and Mana Pathfinder Rune x1.
● All new Starter Kits are Unlocked as Season Rewards

● New Rewards Track

○ With the official arrival of our second Season, a fresh Rewards Track is ready to be conquered! Gain progress by playing Tribes of Midgard to earn Season XP
and earn bonus XP from timed Challenges. 49 new levels and 49 new rewards await, Einherjar!
○ Season Rewards from the previous Season have been shifted to the Shop and can be acquired with Golden Horns. See Shop V2 section below for more details.

New pets and cosmetics

● New Cosmetic Set:
○ Pirate Set – Armor x5 and Equipment x5
■ Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop

● New Pets:
○ Flyte Master – Fight or flyte? Well, this snarky parrot has become somewhat of a local legend among the Einherjar for its skill at flyting. No feelings were spared.
■ Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop
○ Baby Jormie – Before he was the World Serpent, he was just a cute little bugger
who never wanted to leave his shell. Hard to believe how big he got.
■ Unlocked as a Saga Challenge Reward

● And Much More!
○ New Ruin and decoration landmarks to enhance visual variety
○ New “Defeat Jörmungandr 1x, 5x, 10x” Challenges with unique rewards
○ New “Defeat 2 Saga Bosses in a single World” Challenge (for those who dare!)
○ Over 50 new sound effects and VOs in High Midgardian for immersion
○ Shimmering visual effect on the Village Quest Board to draw attention to it when no Personal Quest has been selected.
○ Multiple performance optimizations, updated visuals and various other

Tribes of Midgard 2.0 patch notes – Crafting system update

New Crafted Equipment Recipes:
○ Jörmungandr’s Maw [Legendary]

■ Spell 1 – Whirlwind Tail++: Powerful 360 degree attack with your
■ Spell 2 – Poison Spit+: Launch 3 Projectiles that leave poisonous pools
in their wake.
■ Spell 3 – Crashing Waves: Unleash destructive waves in all directions
● Unlock as a Saga Challenge Reward

○ Jörmungandr Armor [Legendary]
■ Grants Poisonproof++
● Unlock all pieces as Season Rewards

○ Jörmungandr Shield [Legendary]

● Unlock as a Saga Challenge Reward

○ Serpent Gnasher (Axe) I / II / III
■ Spell 1 – Slash: Dark elemental Slash attack. Improves to Slash+ at Rare
tier and and above.
■ Spell 2 – Summon: Summon Unsunken allies from beyond the void to
fight for you! Improves to Summon+ at Epic tier.
● Serpent Gnasher III Unlocks as a Season Reward

○ Serpent Armor [Epic]
■ Grants Poisonproof+
● Unlock as a Season Reward

○ Serpent Shield [Epic]

● Unlock as a Season Reward

● New Potion Recipe: Immunity Elixir
○ You need no longer worry about being stunned, slowed, poisoned, weakened or even lit on fire. The Viking life is a tough one, but this will make it (a bit) easier.
Lasts for 90 seconds. Effects can be stacked up to two times.

● Unlock as a Season Reward

New Yulidays Event (Winter Event) – December 14th, 2021 – January 3rd, 2022

Yulidays Event – December 14th, 2021 – January 3rd, 2022
● Yulidays:
○ Embracing the festive spirit with sharpened candy canes held high, the launch of Saga 2 also marks the beginning of our Yulidays celebration! Starting on December 14th and continuing until January 3rd, 2022, you’ll notice a wintery makeover to the Main Menu as well as some decorations laid about the Village. As we’ve come to expect, those Goblins are especially quick to embrace the festivities, even going by Snoblins now. And you might even spot a Dökkálfar or two reluctantly dressing for the occasion and calling themselves Yulálfars. You can also hear some musical changes to the Main Menu and Village to help set that merry mood.
● Festive Challenges:
○ During the Yulidays Event, there will be 3 Festive Challenges that can only be completed during this limited time event.

○ Complete these challenges to earn unique Yulidays Content, see Yulidays
Content below for details.
● Present Loot Chest:
○ We’ve added a new Loot Chest to safeguard your belongings when things don’t go as planned. This Loot Chest is specially gift wrapped for the Yulidays!
■ Unlocked by completing a Festive Challenge during Yulidays

● Yulidays Cosmetics:
○ Allfather Yule Set – Armor x5 and Equipment x5.
■ Unlocked with Golden Horns in the Shop

● Yuliday Portrait:
○ A special Portrait to show off your festive spirit!
■ Unlocked by completing a Festive Challenge during Yulidays

● Yulidays Pet:
○ Bucky the Yule Goat – Oft-forgotten and stuck on the sidelines, this year’s
holiday event marks Bucky the Yule Goat’s time to shine!
■ Unlocked by completing a Festive Challenge during Yulidays

Game balance changes in Tribes of Midgard 2.0

●Jötunn pacing reduced to accommodate new world generation (smaller mainland)
● The Nothing to Hide Rune’s behavior has been altered, in that now you only receive the Rune’s damage bonus if all Armor slots are empty, rather than an incremental bonus per empty slot. The total bonus damage remains the same, but you must embrace the full nakedness to wield it. Shine on you wild Viking!
● Rarity of Sorcerer & Merchant Treasure Maps changed from Common to Uncommon
● Personal Quests now contain a Treasure Map Consumable as a Reward to help exploration
● Harshest Winter Personal Quest’s Speed Elixir reward replaced with Immunity Elixir
● Immunity Elixir can now also be found in the Ruins treasure chests on an Ash Beach
● Villager Bow II can be found in the Ruins Treasure Chests
● Lair Treasure Maps can now be found in the last Treasure Chest of a Hideout
● Hideout Artifacts can now be purchased at the Smoky Highlands Sorcerer for Souls
● Jötunn Artifacts can now be purchased at the Ash Beach Sorcerer for Souls
● All Elite Creatures are now immune to status effects
● Dökkálfar enemy type now has Voidproof protection
● Unsunken enemy type now has Voidproof protection
● Explosive Finale Rune Damage has been increased by 100
● Might of Mjolnir Rune Damage has been increased by 100
● Storm Chaser Rune Damage has been increased by 100
● Range of Baldr’s Blade Whirlwind Spell has been reduced by 100

● Lumberyard now produces 20% more Materials
● Farm now produces 20% more Materials

Tribes of Midgard Season 2 patch notes – Quality of Life (QoL) Changes

●Shop V2
○ We’ve redone the Shop layout and how items, old and new, are made available to players.
○ Most notably, the Shop categories and their contents have changed:
■ Firstly, based on your feedback, we’ve separated out the purely Cosmetic
Items from items with Gameplay impact, such as Runes, Recipes, Tools
and Starter Kits and made these Gameplay items available at all times.
■ By selecting Weapons, Protections, or Accessories from the Gameplay
section, you’ll be able to unlock items from Season 1: The Wolf Saga
using Golden Horns.
■ The Essentials section now contains purely Cosmetic items for your
Character Customization, such Hair Dye and Portraits and also includes
Cosmetics from Season 1: The Wolf Saga, all of which can be acquired
with Golden Horns.
■ The Featured items will continue to rotate on a Weekly basis, but we’ve
added the ability to select and browse entire themed Sets as ‘Bundles’.
You can select the Bundle icon on the Shop menu to view all items
associated with that Set and purchase them individually or grouped
together as a Bundled unlock.
■ As always, all Gameplay content is attainable with Golden Horns and
Season progression only. In other words, Gameplay items will always
require Gameplay to unlock.

● Auto-Equip V2
○ Upon crafting a piece of equipment more powerful than what is currently
equipped, the newly crafted item will automatically be equipped instead.
○ Upon repairing a piece of equipment more powerful than what is currently equipped, the newly repaired item will automatically be equipped instead.
● Donate Max
○ When donating resources to any structure or vendor, we’ve added a ‘Donate Max’ shortcut you can press to instantly deposit all of the required Materials and Souls, provided you have them in your Inventory.
● Consumable/Construction Drop
○ Players are now able to drop the amount of Consumables or Constructions they want instead of their full stack. Works in the Inventory and War Chest.
● Pre-Built Fortified Gates
○ All game modes now have their Villages come pre-equipped with Level 1 Gates at all entrances. They can still be upgraded to Levels 2 and 3 per normal. This should help alleviate a lot of the pressure of the first few days of exploration as the Village will be able to take care of itself for a little while. Just remember toclose the Gates when you leave the Village (hey, it happens to the best of us).
● Personal Quests and the Quest Board
○ All Personal Quests taken from the Quest Board will now skip the introductory step of requiring the Player to interact with the Quest NPC before they can get started on the objectives.
○ Now, when selecting a Personal Quest from the Quest Board, your tracker will update with the objective right away and you only need to interact with the QuestNPC when turning the Quest in.
○ Quest Rewards have been reworked to accommodate new content.
○ Quest progress can be tracked on the Quest Board itself now, instead of
disappearing after selecting a Quest
● Matchmaking Region Selection
○ Upon selecting a Matchmaking game, you can now select your choice of Server Region, or stick with Automatic, which will connect you to the fastest result as usual.
● War Chest Arrows to Archer Tower
○ Donating Special Arrows to your Village’s Archer Tower now looks at your
Inventory as well the War Chest, just like Gates.
● New and Improved Alerts
○ Session-wide text Alerts will now be displayed when a player:
■ Rebuilds a Village Fortification, the Bridge or the Shipyard
■ Upgrades a Village Station, Fortification or the Shipyard
■ Clears out all the enemies of a Hideout
■ Light up a Beacon
● Steam/Epic Game Store Invites
○ With Tribes of Midgard now available on the Epic Games Store, players who link their Steam accounts to Epic Games Store accounts, and vice versa, will be able to send Invites to each other as normal.
○ Matchmaking on PC includes all PC Players regardless of platform.
● Game Over Screen
○ We’ve updated the Game Over screen at the end of each Session to show some additional statistics:
■ Golden Horns earned is now displayed
■ Saga Bosses Slain is now displayed
■ Seed number of that World Generation is now displayed

● Hunter Class Unlock
○ With the expanded World and addition of islands, we’ve changed the requirement for unlocking the Hunter Class from Activating all Shrines in a World to Activate 15 Shrines in a World, to keep the challenge accessible.
● Ranger Slow Poke
○ Ranger’s Slow Poke Blessing has been improved so that the effect can now also be triggered by Bow attacks in addition to standard melee attacks.

Tribes of Midgard 2.0 patch notes – Biggest bug fixes

●Fixed some isolated instances of a World spawning without a Bridge or Fenrir Lair
● Fixed an issue with Hunter’s Skaði’s Spirit Blessing in which the decoy would not taunt nearby enemies properly
● Fixed some instances where players were getting kicked just after defeating Fenrir
● Fixed an issue in which the Linnorm were far too mighty and able to fling Giants with their tail swipes
● Fixed an issue that was causing Hálogi to get stuck at the Village Gates after destroying them
● Fixed an issue in which the Far-Fetched Rune was not adding the full damage benefit
● Kills made with Traps are now correctly attributed to the player and earn XP
● … and many more improvements!

Known issues under investigation

●Boats may sometimes lose their momentum if passengers collide with the mast and/or the Player on the Rudder
● We have added the Seed number to the Game Over screen to help identify Worlds that have had rare generation issues that can not be easily reproduced. If you encounter an issue in which your World generated with problems and you would like to report it, please note the Seed number from either the in-game HUD in the top-left of your screen, or just above the XP bar on the Game Over Screen.

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