Tricky Towers Receives an Xbox One Release Date with Promise of Exclusive Content

WeirdBeard Games has announced the imminent release of its multiplayer brick-stacker Tricky Towers for the Xbox One platform.

September 11, 2017

WeirdBeard Games’s Trick Towers came to PlayStation 4 and PC about this time last year and taught us the joys of toppling a friend’s Tetris-like tower. Today, the developer has announced that the game’s Xbox One release is imminent.

On September 15 (that’s this Friday!), Trick Towers will release on Xbox One, bringing with it a yet-to-be-announced game mode that will be exclusive to the platform.

In case you didn’t know, Tricky Towers is a multiplayer brick-stacking title. However, while you’re working to complete your perfect tower, your enemies (or friends) are trying to topple it, conjuring devious spells. Cast some defensive or offensive spells of your own and compete for the highest score!


Trick Towers is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC for $14.99. The Xbox One version will be launching on September 15. For more information on Tricky Towers, you can visit the game’s Steam page or its official website.

If you’re interested in seeing a detailed review of Trick Towers‘ original release on the PlayStation 4, you should be sure to read DualShockers’ review, which found it to be a simply concept and an excellent party game option, but oftentimes frustrating in its execution of other modes.

It was also recently revealed that Tricky TowersPlayStation 4 version would be seeing a physical release later this year.

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