Trine 2 – Coming to the PS4 With New Graphics and the “Complete Story”

on October 28, 2013 12:07 PM

Frozenbyte’s gorgeous, co-op multiplayer physics platformer Trine 2 was a delight to play when previously released for all consoles and PC and Linux platforms. Now, the Complete Story edition, previously only available via Steam and the Humble Indie Bundle 9, is coming to the PS4 with better graphics, and a possible day one launch.

For those unfamiliar with the Trine series, the franchise puts up to three players in the boots of a Wizard, a Thief and a Knight, all bound together by the Trine artifact, who have to work together to solve puzzles, platform trap-ridden stages, stop goblins and huge bosses, and save the day, of course. The Wizard is capable of various spells, including creating items to traverse the environment with and the ability to move things remotely; the Thief can hookshot her way across stages and shoot flame or ice arrows to take on enemies; and the Knight can take on foes with his sword, protect allies with his shield, or destroy obstacles with his hammer. In Trine 2, players can play together through couch co-op or online co-op, or play alone and switch between any of the three characters.

Trine 2: Complete Story comes with the Goblin Menace expansion campaign and the Dwarven Caverns secret unlockable level, part of twenty new stages in addition to the original campaign. Complete Story will also be running at 1080p and 60 fps on the PS4, with stereoscopic 3D support. Complete Story will also make use of the PS4’s touch surface in some way.

For a closer look at the game, check out the trailer and hi-res screenshots and concept art below. We’ve been told by Frozenbyte that the game will most likely follow Steam’s pricing, with Complete Story about $19.99 or 16.99 euros, but a confirmed and official pricing will be announced soon. Stay tuned for more details.

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