Trine 2 Teaser Trailer

Trine 2 Teaser Trailer


Atlus is on fire, folks. This amazing team of developers has been conjuring quality titles throughout this entire generation, making them one of my favorite publisher/developer of this console era; I’m sure Senior Contributing Editor Chad Awkerman can agree with me on that.

Atlas’s next wondrous title comes in the form of a sequel, which many of us have come to love. Trine, a puzzle platformer, found prodigious success on both the PlayStation Network and the PC, with a slight slump of appeal on Xbox Live Arcade. One feature which wasn’t implemented – which I’m sure everyone wanted to experience – was an online co-op mode which might have nudged some attraction onto some contemplating gamers. Atlus and Frozenbyte have come together again to bring us some of the same goods we experienced in the previous title, with added additions which hopes to appeal in their upcoming sequel Trine 2 – hitting Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC in Spring 2011.

The three heroes from the first game make their triumphant returns in Trine 2, each with a new ability to supplement the game’s more directed approach to puzzle design. Atlus has claimed that physics-based confrontations will be a tad more difficult to break, but will still accommodate vast solutions.

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