Trine on PS3 - When?

By Chad Awkerman

August 28, 2009

One of the most interesting and gorgeous games coming to the PSN sometime in the future is Trine. This title has a long and frustrating history for those of us wanting to play it on our PS3s instead of our PCs, for whatever the reason. The game released for PC download on July 3 and was said to be arriving on the PlayStation Network not long after. Its been nearly two months and we really haven’t heard anything concrete.

The latest info I could find on when a release might happen is this article on G4TV about Trine possibly being scheduled for an early September release on the PSN. The publishers apparently told G4TV that they were still in the process of getting the game approved by Sony. My question is – what could possibly take over two months to get this game approved to be available on the PSN? Early reports were that it was a bug of some sort, but even if that was the case, should it really take this long to clear up a bug? The publisher, Nobilis, go on to mention that the game should be available at the beginning of September.

Everything I’ve heard about Trine has been that its an awesome game. Unfortunately, if it gets pushed back any later than early September, no one is going to care, because we will be entering the fall gaming season when everyone will likely be playing at least one of the big triple-A titles hitting our favorite consoles in the coming months. I would hate for a game as unique and inviting as Trine to get lost in the shuffle because of this delay. Until it comes out, I’ll be keeping my eye out on PSN releases every week – here’s hoping we see it grace our PS3s sooner rather than later.

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