Trip to Azeroth Delayed

Trip to Azeroth Delayed

As I started to play World of Warcraft again something recently delayed my latest return this past evening and it went a little something like this:

Arthas is Full

Position in queue: 365

Estimated time: 15 min

To my regret my trip to Azeroth was indeed delayed by 364 players who were already in line to play WoW ahead of myself. Arthas is a High population PVP (player vs. player) server and at time of this log in attempt (10 P.M. EST) the server was apparently full. This is something I had forgotten about when taking my break from WoW. If I wanted to play a game on my Xbox 360 or PS3 my biggest delay typically was locating the game or waiting for an occasional patch, but never a fifteen minute line just to step into the game. This would be the equivalent of a line forming outside of my house and 300 people lining up to call next on my 360. Yes, I know it is a bit different than a console as WoW is a huge MMORPG and Blizzard is both trying to keep the lag to a minimum and keep the world and servers balanced, but it still did not get me into Azeroth any faster.

So on this night when my urge to play WoW was in full bloom it was dissipated by a queue from Hades. Has this happened to you before? Are you willing to accept the tedium just to play Blizzard;s masterpiece? Let me know your thoughts.