Trippy Techno-themed Dolphin VR Game Jupiter & Mars Revealed at PSX

Trippy Techno-themed Dolphin VR Game Jupiter & Mars Revealed at PSX

Another PlayStation VR game has been revealed at PlayStation Experience -- this time a dolphin exploration game titled Jupiter & Mars.

Let no one say that Sony isn’t finding groundswell support for the PlayStation VR. Revealed as one of the new announcement trailers, a brand new game Jupiter & Mars about dolphins, exploration, and love — okay… not the love — was shown off at PlayStation Experience 2017’s Opening Celebration.

The game, seen in the trailer below, has an almost cyber-punk Tron aesthetic. Billed as an “underwater adventure game,” players take on the role of Jupiter who explores the post-apocalytic submerged world with her partner Mars. Using a mix of echolocation and puzzle solving, both Jupiter and Mars will look for powerups and explore the ocean’s depth.

The game will be developed by fledgling studio Tigertron — if you haven’t heard of their name, don’t be surprised. Up to this point, the New York-based studio hasn’t made a game under the banner yet. That said, the team’s creators are both ex-games journalists who worked with 1Up, IGN, and more.

According to the trailer, Jupiter & Mars is slated for a PS4 and PlayStation VR release — however the release date is not known yet. Don’t let that stop you from watching the new, beat-heavy trailer below: