Tripwire Releases Armored Assault Content Pack for Rising Storm

on September 23, 2014 7:58 PM

Tripwire Interactive, in conjunction with Antimatter Games, have announced the release of the Rising Storm: Armored Assault free content pack.

The DLC is jam packed with new content for both Rising Storm and Red Orchestra 2, the highly underrated World War 2 first person shooter series. Included in the update are new weapons, tanks and two new official custom maps.

Armored Assault introduces a new German MG 42 light machine gun as well as a Russian T-70 light tank and a German Panzer II tank to add plenty of deadly firepower for your soldiers. Two new maps add an attack and defend Japanese jungle map in Kobura and a forest assault for the German and Russion front in TulaOutskirts, a re-make of a classic Red Orchestra map.

Rising Storm: Armored Assault can be downloaded right now for your enjoyment and to mark the occasion, Rising Storm is also on sale at a 75% off on Steam through Thursday. If you are tired of modern shooters, or even the new focus on the near future sci-fi settings, checkout Rising Storm and go back to the bolt action days of FPS yore this week.

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