Trolls Beware, Xbox Live Ready to Release Conduct System

Trolls Beware, Xbox Live Ready to Release Conduct System

Any gamer who plays online multiplayer with regularity has had to come across “that guy.” The loud, racist, homophobic, loudmouth who uses his headset as a megaphone, irritating opponents and teammates alike.

Maybe you are that guy. If so, I have some bad news.

Micheal Dunn, program manager on Xbox Live has announced today that the reputation system he outlined last June is almost here.

“Most Xbox Live players are polite online and know how to socially adjust to people they’re playing with,” says Dunn. “But not everyone does this. And, it can be challenging to pick up on social cues when you are connected online and not face-to-face in the same room.

“This system will continue to evolve and get better as we track the feedback we get from players and titles, plus add more consequences for the jerks.”

Players will be assessed based on reports of their misconduct over long periods of time. A pattern of bad behavior will cause decreases in reputation, visible to all players.

Ranging from “good,” to “needs work,” to “avoid” the system will punish abusers by offering them fewer multiplayer matches and restricting privileges like Twitch Broadcasting.